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Ajwain, Organic

Details & Specifications:

Botanical Name: Trachyspermum ammi
Organic Status: Certified Organic
Australian Certified Organic
Country of Origin: India
Plant Part: Fruit
Other Common Names: Carom, Bishops Weed

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Ajwain, also known as Carom, is used in food and in medicine very similarly to its western relatives Parsley, Cumin and Dill. The high concentration of essential oils in ajwain seeds (primarily thymol), give them an aroma and flavor resembling thyme, with a stronger bite. Ajwain seeds are used to flavor vegetables and fish in Indian cuisine and are fried in oil or ghee(clarified butter) to mellow the acrid taste. The seeds are also known to aid digestion, and combine well with fennel to relieve gas and bloating. A side dish of ajwain seeds often accompanies food in the Middle East.

Ajwain seeds contain about 50% thymol, a well known and antibacterial essential oil, and along with thyme has been known to enhance the immune system to ward off colds and flu and other viral infections.

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