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Teabag Boxes

Black Tea (25 Teabags)

Classic black tea.

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Earl Grey Tea (25 Teabags)

A popular uplifting blend, light and aromatic with a distinctive citrus bergamot flavour.

HRTea (25 Teabags)

An aromatic combination of herbs sharing the ability to aid in the balance of pre-menstrual and menopausal hormones. Very pleasant to taste.

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Lemon Lift (25 Teabags)

Liquorice along with Lemon Myrtle's anti-viral properties, will help ease chest complaints and relieve sore throats.

Peppermint (25 Teabags)

Peppermint is a popular aromatic herb used by Natural Therapists to help aid gastric upsets and to suppress nausea. It also has cooling properties.

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