About Us

Who we are

We’re herb people. Since 1996, we’ve been supplying Australia and the world with top-quality herbs, spices, teas, Culinary herbs and botanicals. Our love of plants is intergenerational, and our business is a family affair. If you can name it, we’ve probably got it - with over 500 certified organic, wildcrafted and trade items in our range. After all, life’s better with herbs; healthier, happier and tastier - and making them affordable for everyone is our mission. So, discover Australia’s largest range of botanicals at Austral; your proudly local supplier of premium herbal products.
Herbal Tea by Austral Herbs surrounded by flowers and tea.

Who we serve

Everyone deserves access to the healing power of herbs. Whether you’re a creative home cook, a busy tea company, or a practicing herbalist - we’ve got the dried herb, spice, tea, powder, dried flowers, dried flower petals and more for you, at the best price. Want an even bulkier order than what’s listed online? Can do! Simply get in touch.


How we started

Herbs and our history are inseparable. Our family tended the land as some of Australia’s first settlers, leading the way with environmentally sensitive farming practices and respect for fragile soils. In 1996, Austral was established as a commercial grower of organic medicinal herbs on a remote property in NSW, cultivating a deep knowledge of plants that continues to inform our business. As the demand for quality dried herbs grew, Austral relocated to Kentucky, 500 km North of Sydney, and shifted into the role of supplier. Since then, we’ve formed a tight-knit network of growers throughout Australia and the world who uphold our stringent standards, processing everything in our Certified Organic factory right here on site.


Our products

Enough about us. Onto the herbs! At Austral, you can choose from organic, wildcrafted and trade varieties of most dried herbs and spices. You’ll find them in a range of sizes - starting at 250 grams - but we’re always happy to field your requests. As a family operation, we’re fanatical about quality - premium products make for happy, healthy people (and we’re not about to relinquish our reputation). You’ll also find books, accessories, capsules, infusers, powders, whole foods, teas - everything you need to create, apply, consume and enjoy your herbal goodies. We supply herbs Australia wide. And if anything doesn’t live up to expectations, we’re only an email away.

Austral Herbs Farm

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